There's been a huge outpouring of feedback regarding the passing of Terry Fitzpatrick. I'm posting only a little bit of it here. Some people wrote very touching and very personal things about Terry and their friendship, things too personal to make public...

It's truly tragic thing to have a man go down in such a violent manner, and at the same time be so down on his luck....

Nearly 70 people showed up at his funeral, I suppose that stands for something in this short life?

He was loved and he will be missed.

Mark Center

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Hi Mark,

One more name to add to the already much too long list of classmates who have passed.  Terrance “Terry” Fitzpatrick died here in Boise ID last week in an accident.  He graduated with me in 1975.Thanks,

Jeanne Dunbar BrumannBOISE, Idaho — The Ada County Coroner says the man found crushed to death in a bale of waste paper has been identified as 51-year-old Terrance Fitzpatrick of Boise.

Fitzpatrick's body was found in Twin Falls on Monday, inside a 1,500-pound bale of paper that originated in Garden City, a town near Boise.

Erwin Sonnenberg released a statement Friday saying that Fitzgerald had been identified after a fingerprint analysis. The autopsy indicated that he had been crushed to death.

Police said Fitzpatrick wore clothing consistent with what a homeless person would wear.

A memorial service has been set for Terrance Fitzpatrick, the service will be held at 5 p.m. Saturday at Capitol City Christian Church, 615 N. 9th St., Boise, and officiated by Minister Gary Anderson.

Wayne Goodman

My mom just called me today to tell me about Terry's death. I really don't remember him, but I looked him up in the yearbook and saw his picture. It seems like many HMB grads ended up in the Boise area. That's where my brother Steve (class of 78) and my mom live now.


Don Fuller


Thank you for the news, even though it's sad.  I appreciate the update.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.


Neil McNevin

Wow... That’s a shame. Not much respect for a human life.

Chris Kurtz

Oh man that sucks.  I knew Terry very well in and shortly after HS. 


Thank you so much for passing this on it was way too soon for him and I am sure a lot of the others in my class of 73 even remember him sad so sad. My prayers to all in sad time.

Peggy Welte Clayton

Dubuque Iowa

Oh Mark

What a horrible way to die. Poor Terry.

Renee Gabriel

Thank you Mark.

Fitz and I were close friends.  He was one of those that I would sometimes tell a story about and wonder what he was up to these days.  It makes me sooo sad that he was in such a way.... and that nobody was around.  It said a memorial service had been set, but not when?  I would have been really nice to have 100+ people show up to a homeless man's funeral.  I am crying.  I don't want to tell my mom, they were good friends too.

Rene Ferretti

Thanks Mark.

Mike Munn

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