Interview with Ray Santilli, conducted by Philip Mantle

Q: What are the chances of the other, so far un-released autopsy film actually being released either to private researchers or in to the public domain?

A: It will not be released but a viewing for private researchers is possible.

Q: Who is in possession of the original film and where is it stored?

A: I am not prepared to give this information.

A scene from the Autopsy Footage: The entity on the operation table.

Q: What possibility is there of obtaining a few frames of original film that depicts the 'creature' for scientific analysis?

A: make a financial offer and I will pass it on.

Q: Is there any possibility of obtaining one of the original film box labels for scientific examination?

A: As above!!!

Q: Has the alien autopsy cameraman yet relented regarding him being interviewed by UFO researchers and going public so-to-speak. If not, what are the chances of someone interviewing him in confidence?

A: It is possible that he will agree to an interview, but only by phone.

Q: Do you still stand by your original story of how you obtained the film and how it came into your possession?


Q: Have you any thoughts now regarding the nature and origin of the creature depicted in the film?

A: It has to be one of the following :

  1. A military experiment
  2. A training exercise
  3. A UFO
  4. A Hoax from the period
I think 1 and 3 are more likely.

Q: Do you have a response to your critics, of which there are many, who are quite adamant that the film is nothing more than a hoax, created by either yourself or by others and that you yourself have been hoaxed?

A: It's now nearly 3 years since the film went public if it's a hoax it would have been proven a long time ago!!

Q: Last but not least, if you had the benefit of hindsight would you have done things differently. If yes, then what?

A: Yes... I would not have given it to television. I would have set up video only agreements throughout the world with a forced retail price of over 20.00 and made a fortune!!!