It has become clear to me in these last few years that the absolute conclusion in the book BEYOND ROSWELL that I Co-authored with Michael Hesemann, that the alien autopsy film was authentic.

Unlike my co-author, whose research into this film ended with the publication of this book, I have continued to try and get to the bottom of the whole affair. Much of this was addressed in my book ALIEN AUTOPSY INQUEST but in recent months it has become clear to me, with revelations coming from Spyros Melaris, Keith Bateman and John Humphreys, that the so-called alien autopsy film is a fake.

There never was any original film or mysterious military cameraman. Can I prove this to everyone's satisfaction? Probably not. But I honestly feel now that when the evidence is looked at objectively, the only conclusion that can be reached is that the film is a fake.

As for the Roswell UFO crash itself, having visited Roswell for the first time in 2007 I can honesty say that I have no idea what happened there in l947. The official government position, to me, does not add up, but I have no idea what took place out in the desert in l947. Maybe we will never know for sure.


Philip Mantle
22nd December 2007.
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