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QUEST Magazine as published by the late Graham Birdsall in 1988. QUEST was the fore runner to the newsstand publication UFO MAGAZINE. If you are a collector of UFO publications then this is a rare opportunity to add to your collection. QUEST was litho printed and collated by hand and rarely sold more than 200 copies. Apart from a little rust on the staples this issue is in excellent condition. Articles included in it are: A fake UFO abduction case from Leeds, The Ilkley Moor entity photograph, Science at War, UFO sightings and theories.

QUEST was the official publication oif the Yorkshire UFO Society at the time and copies are extremely hard to come by. I have a huge collection of UFO/FLYING SAUCER publications which I no longer have need for and this is the first to go up for sale. Get it while you can.

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I have been involved with ufology for 30 years now and during that time I have, by one means or another, obtained quite a large collection of UFO memorabilia of one form or another. The vast majority of this is made up of magazines and newsletters from all over the world.

Some years ago I obtained a number of files which contained UFO sighting report. In among this is a unique piece of UFO history.

In l959 the Reverend Father William B.  Gill along with a further 38 other witnesses in Papua, New Guinea, reported a hovering UFO at 500ft complete with humanoids who responded when waved at by Reverend Gill. This observation has gone down in UFO lore and has appeared in countless books and periodicals.

I have for sale ( view here: large - small ) an original (not a copy) of that report. It is type written by The Rev. Norman E.G.Crutwell of the Anglican Mission, Manapi, Papua, New Guinea. It was typed in March 1960. It is 17 pages in length plus 4 carbon-like copies of letters from the Rev Gill which are signed by S.L.Smith, Director of Research for BUFORA and dated 6.8.1970. The report itself also includes hand drawn pencil and ink sketches of the objects and humanoids observed by Rev Gill. These drawings have hand written notes to accompany them.

Apart from a few creases here and there this unique piece of UFO history is in excellent condition.

I am offering this item for sale to the highest bidder. You will not find it on Ebay or other type of auction site. If you are interested in this item which is rarer the Roswell debris please email me at:

If you have any questions you would like to ask please feel free to do so and please feel free to forward this on to any possible interested parties.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Mantle

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