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Keyboards / Vocals:   Don Malinverno

Don began playing piano at 5 years old. 

In 1980, he formed a punk rock band named Spectacles, they played at the famed Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco.

Don’s band played for the “Pope of Punk” (i.e. Dirk Dirksen), in the highly publicized Jan. 1982 underground event called the “Bible Bar-B-Cue”. 

evolved into 11/11, a New-Wave burlesque band that played in the S.F and L.A. scenes between 1982-84.  After free lancing for several years, in 1990 he started a rock band, The Circus Pimps,  who played in full costume.

Don plays on a Korg X3 synthesizer, a Nord Electro piano and a Casio Previa.

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