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Nestled on the coast, 20 minutes south of San Francisco, this 15 mile stretch of coastline is revered as the last vestige of coastal country living left in the Bay Area. So close to the ever maddening Peninsula, yet with a feeling so far away. A coastsider can go surfing, ride a horse or mountain bike, go hiking to 2000 feet and then in less than 30 minutes, enjoy world class entertainment at an amazing array of venues. No matter what length your stay on the coast, the impression was made. A lifetime impression. 

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Sadie Hawkins Dance - 1978

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Coastsidel Photo / The Montara Lighthouse /Montara Proper - The Eric G. Nelson Photo Collection

Coastside Aerial Shot. November, 1986. Photographer, Chris Kurtz
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New Photo's From The Mayor
Pic taken at 4pm from in front of
Montara Pump Station looking north on 11/27/01.
Pic taken lastnight 1/24/02, at 5:30 pm at
Venice Beach .
Pic taken of Montara cliffs of
Blue Hurun
Surfers Beach at

Beautiful Shot of the Princeton Harbor by Tony Pullin!
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